Select Page is for sale.

This domain name is for sale. The price is £6,800 including VAT.

Registered since 2003, has been used as part of one of our own niche businesses and has generated hundreds of thousands of pounds in revenue since then.

We stopped providing an asbestos testing service in 2019, simply because our other business interests took over and it ceased to be a core offering.

Only one person or company can buy this domain name and as a special bonus, we’ll include in the price.



How To Buy

If you click on the “Buy Now” button and get a “sold” message, it’s too late.

We accept payments by Paypal, but if you’re more comfortable in receiving an invoice, we can do that and accept payment directly into our bank account.

Once payment has cleared, we will transfer the name into your name via Nominet. We will pay the transfer fee and help you with any configuration you might require.

About Us

Cartersons Ltd is domain name investment and development company.

We maintain a portfolio of generic, key-word domain names, but only in specific industry sectors that we fully undertsand.

It’s called “buying what you know.”

We don’t often sell names from our portfolio, since they are long term investments.

When we do offer names for sale, we base our prices on what we know they are worth – but leave enough money in it for the purchaser to recoup their investment many times over.

In the case of, we know it’s worth many times the asking price, because we used to run a niche sector of our business on it.

As a VAT registered company, we do have to charge VAT on our digital assets. This is already included in our price.